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Behind Skua !! –Adjoin us- we are Laia and Alex, a couple from Barcelona who have had more than 21 years of adventures together, and with more than 14 years of experience in the world of textile crafts.
We created a collection of urban, casual, timeless and artisan clothing. Our philosophy is simple but solid: create sustainable and ethical garments made with local and recycled materials and with a deep conviction that in the world of fashion you must change to begin to respect personal and natural rhythms.
All the garments are thought and designed by us in our small workshop in Mollet del Vallès. The process of patterning, scaling, cutting all the fabrics passes through our hands ... we also sew the samples, as well as all the final finishes. But our work does not end here, in our small business we are also the ones who design most of the fabrics, who carry all the image, photography, social media and direct sales.
We work with a small local workshop that helps us with part of the sewing and with which we have had a very good relationship for years and to which we are deeply grateful. In the world of fashion where everything goes very fast, everything moves for money and empathy is conspicuous by its absence, it is very important for us to create a space for human and ethical relationships, respecting the other as well as respecting our own rhythm.

.... :::: Go SlOw Go FlOw :::: ....


-SloW FasHiOn MovEmeNt-

Slow fashion is a cultural trend that promotes calm human activities. The slow movement proposes to take control of time, rather than submit to its tyranny, giving priority to activities that result in the development of people, finding a balance between the use of technology aimed at saving time and taking time necessary to enjoy activities such as taking a walk or sharing a meal with other people. Speakers in this movement believe that while technology can speed up work, as well as the production and distribution of food and other human activities, the most important things in life should not be sped up.  /  terms of sale  /  legal notice, privacy and cookies  /  design: urialsina